• Africa. It’s how you respond.

Opportunity  Remoteness  Risk  Reward

These dynamics go hand in hand when doing business on this continent. When things go wrong – and even when they do not– health and medical support services play a crucial role in ensuring work can continue.
Response-Med provides world-class, competitively priced medical support services in the most challenging environments. As people of Africa, we bring intimate local understanding to every facet of operating in a remote location.
Response-Med has a footprint in several countries in East Africa, with offices in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam.
No matter how complex the project, how large the workforce or how remote the site – we are committed to delivering only the highest quality health and wellness management solutions to our clients.

Remote Medical Services


We have access to industry specialists across the regions where we operate.


Fully equipped and stocked remote site healthcare facilities, tailored to clients’ needs.


Specialist training for those working on remote sites and in clients’ operational centres.


We help clients mitigate all possible health risk in the locations where they operate.

Supplies & Equipment

We can provide all advanced life support equipment and phamaceutical supplies.

Those who work in Africa are quickly exposed to the extremes of the environment. It’s those who respond to the challenges who succeed.

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